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How to get an arm back

When we talk about Infinite Possibilities, if I work with a person who doesn’t have an arm, theoretically I know that in the Field of Infinite Possibilities there exists a version of the same person who does have an arm, that is, who has two arms. But there are movements that are simpler in duality and movements that seem impossible to us. So, when we talk about “moving”, what needs to happen inside us?

Since earthly incarnation is illusory, anything is possible. Jesus Christ lived his incarnation with this awareness: for him it was not a problem to demonstrate reattaching an ear rather than resurrecting the dead. So it’s all possible. But when inside you, in your choice of action, there is still doubt or fear of failure, then it is not possible because your frequency will respond to your doubts. Then move to the Infinite Possibilities where getting an arm back is not a problem.

Everything is played out inside you: it is not a way of thinking, but it is Being. It’s as if you were a puppet: as long as you have the belief that you can move because you are tied to strings, that’s how it is. When you know with absolute certainty and firmness within yourself that your movement is not determined by the wires, then you will be free to move where you deem most appropriate.
Is it clear to you?

Yes, it’s clear. But since there is a version of me in the Field of Infinite Possibilities that is 100% sure of this, there must be a way for me to bring that awareness into this identity of mine, because it’s already there…

Yes, of course.

So why am I unaware of that version of me that is totally sure of this? What’s stopping me?

This is your Path. Nothing stops you other than what you have brought with you to move on from. So open your eyes, observe your thoughts, observe your reactions, choose not to follow them, choose and play… and go further. You’re ready to take yourself less seriously. So play knowing that the game is very serious, but it is not serious.

From a Channeling from the Source session
of 08.12.2023

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