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Reclaim your creative power

Il codice dell'origine1

Many of your thoughts are not yours: are the thoughts of your ancestors, are the awareness of where you were born or the memories and experiences you already lived, and you blamed God or the Devel for your actions.

Breathe in and become aware of the fact that YOU BORROWED many of these thoughts. You must return what you owe.
How? By becoming more conscious.

Transmute all that you believe to be true and start seeing clearly. You have nothing new to learn. You only need to remember your own creative power.

The act of remembering doesn’t require revisiting your past. This pertains to the mind that requires logical answers in order to have a sense of safety and security. It is impossible to travel back in time. You exist in the present moment and you can use it to alter your past.


By observing, with awareness, transmuting, integrating.
Reclaim your own Creative Natural Attitude.

Excerpt from Il codice dell’origine
Adele Venneri



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