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Talk to your body

Can I do something to make my physical body feel better?

The physical body is programmed to heal itself when it is aligned with your Fundamental Frequency. So, express your intention to align physical, emotional, and mental body to the highest frequency reached by your Divine Body.

Then look at your body: it is the temple, the casket of your Divine Essence. So as such it is also Divine.

Talk to your body, in the sense of communicating with it, because it is one of your parts. Let go of every expectation, but communicate by expressing the intention to bring it back into balance and full functionality.
Is that clear to you?


Look at your physical body as I live, in the sense of responding to your requests: not a helpless shell, but alive and able to respond. So speak with it, with your parts, with your organs, knowing that what you say is understood.
Is it clearer now?


Let go of expectations, but have the certainty that this communication comes strong and clear and that, the more you stay aligned in frequency, the faster your body will be in response.

Excerpt of a Channeling from the Source session
of 08.07.2022

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