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What if quantum entanglement was the reason for it?

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What if quantum entanglement worked not only between two particles far apart in space, but also for two events separated in time? Let’s delve into this hypothesis and see its implications.

A few days ago I came across a beautiful film that explores a very important quantum concept. In this movie, future events have an inpact on past events, creating a chain of events leads to the event being observed.

The movie makes an example of the sun’s rays striking the cells of a plant, enabling them to create chlorophyll, a substance essential for their survival. According to physics, each ray of light would have a very low probability of reaching the point in the leaf where it could trigger the chlorophyll transformation, since along its way it would encounter thousands of obstacles represented by the myriad other elements present in a leaf.

Yet photosynthesis is a real, so much so that plants exist, and manage to live precisely because of this extraordinary biological mechanism. What is it that happens? According to quantum physics the infinite quantum states representing all possible trajectories of each photon are ‘superposed,’ that is, they all exist simultaneously until an observation occurs. The act of observation causes only one of all possible states to collapse (i.e., to become real), and causes only that particular trajectory to be followed. How then is the right trajectory chosen?
Well, it is the very observation of the plant being alive that allows only the correct trajectories to materialize.

In other words, the very fact that the plant is alive in the here and now ensures that only the trajectories of light rays useful for the realisation of this ‘fact’ are allowed, and thus become reality. It is as if the observed state goes to affect its past, causing the entire Universe to become uniform so that what is observed can be realized.

Reasoning about this, I also thought about the fact that this ‘influence’ on the past happens immediately, in zero time. It is as if the Universe ‘jumps’ onto a different timeline. Which one? The one that contains in its past all the events that go into justifying what I am observing. What else?

In quantum entaglament involved in any way?

Zero time remote influence? Uhm, this reminds me of something …. Are you familiar with quantum entanglement? For those who do not know what it is, I will explain it very briefly.
Entanglement is a physical phenomenon observed in scientific laboratories, in which if you make two particles interact with each other, and then make them travel by moving them away from each other, whatever you do on one of the two particles immediately affects, in zero time, the other particle as well, independent of the distance between them.

This phenomenon would apparently violate Einstein’s relativity theory (so much so that the great scientist initially disputed this theory), because in order to affect the other particle at zero time, the information would have to travel at infinite speed, which is impossible for Einstein’s relativity, according to which the speed of light (about 300,000 km/second) is an insurmountable limit.

Then of the two one: either the theory of relativity is wrong, or the distance separating the two particles does not exist, and is therefore only illusory. Well, the second hypothesis is the correct one, and this principle gives scientific justification to the claim of many Eastern doctrines that we are all One, and that separation is merely an illusion.
In fact, the two particles represent two different views of One.

But going back to the hypothesis made at the beginning of this post, that observed events go to affect in zero time the past events that are their apparent cause, here we perhaps find many similarities.

As All is One, what happens muast apply to space,
as well as time,
otherwise there would not be Oneness

Could entanglement apply to space as well as time?
We live in a space-time continuum in which any form separation, whether this is to do with space or time, is illusory. Every event affects the entire Universe, not only spatially, but also temporally, going to determine the past based on the observation that is made in the here and now. The moment we observe something, then (and observation also includes observation made with thought), an entire Universe is recreated, with all its specific past containing only the events that go to make ‘real’ what we are observing in the here and now.

It is just my idea, of course, a somewhat bizarre idea that no scientist has yet hypothesized (although it certainly has something to do with the concept of syntropy devised by Luigi Fantappiè, as a reader rightly pointed out to me).
But the more bizarre the ideas, the more we like them, or do we?

Paolo Marrone



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