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Any disease can regress

With thoughts we create our reality. I work in health care, and so when my mom started getting sick I imagined step by step what then happened. Did I really create all this?

I ask you to open your view.
Everything is One, and because you exist and are having this experience, this One is You. So everything that appears other to you, that appears separate from you — beginning with your parents, your family members, the people closest to you, things, situations — is always You manifested in different forms.

So if you observe carefully everything that seems outside of you, in Reality it reflects something within you. It may be a conflict, but it may also be the manifestation of Unconditional Love that you do not recognize in you and that is projected out of you because you observe it.

So, did you create everything? The answer is YES.
Are you responsible for your mother’s illness? The answer is NO. For you to understand: the human physical body responds to biological laws, but Who You Really Are is more powerful than physical laws. Therefore any disease can regress. However, this does not work in cause – effect: the Absolute Laws respond only to the Law of Resonance and the Law of Synchronicity.

So what your mother experienced was functional for you because it was and is an object of communication for your life and functional for your mother, in her Path of Expansion, because it was and is a communication for her.
The human mind cannot understand since by its nature it is sequential: it places everything in separation and in temporal or spatial sequence. So the notion that “there is only you,” which applies to all human beings, is not contemplated; the Reality that what you experience is synchronous with what you experience that which appears other to you, is not contemplated, but is the Reality.
Capisci cosa intendo?

More or less.

So your predicting what would happen is the result of mental and emotional processing supported by the experiences you have already had: internally you have matured and nurtured those thoughts by energizing in Infinite Possibilities that version of your mother. But since everything is One and everything is Here and Now, there are Infinite Possibilities of your mother. By feeding those thoughts you have simply synchronized yourself to the frequencies of that Possibility, but you are not the cause of her illness.
Do you understand the difference?

Yes, yes, yes.

At the same time this happened because it was functional for you that a strong message came to you with respect to your relationship with the concrete of the earthly dimension. Everything pertaining to your mother speaks to you about the “concrete of the earthly dimension,” so for you the time had come, and has come, to let go of that which keeps you bound to matter, in order to observe Life from a vantage point that is not in the cause – effect.

Taken from a Channeling at the Source
made on 04.10.2023

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