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At which point of my evolution Am I?

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Am I going in the right direction with regards to my personal and spiritual evolution? Where Am I in my evolution? Is there anything of great importance that I need to do at this moment in time?

Before I give an answer to your question you need to understand that there is no wrong, and therefore there is no right: all that you experience you have chosen to experience when you incarnated.

Having said that, it’s important you understand that evolution and Expansion do not follow a linear track, although your rational mind processes in good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, your Path is not linear: you are not at a high point or a low point, you are not closer or further away from your goal, since your purpose for incarnating is for you to experience who you are not, so that you can discover Who You Are and to live in accordance with this Truth.

Therefore, to answer to your question: you’ve experienced who you are not, but in part, you continue to experience it; you are rediscovering Who You Are and, in part, you have not only rediscovered but also you’ve experienced. You are now being invited to manifest at the highest potential and manifest your Divinity in the material world.

What you are doing is supporting this unveiling. However, once you know the Truth, all that you know can be used to manifest this Truth.

From a Channeling from the Source session
of 21.11.2023

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