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I can’t make decisions

At work I feel immobilized, I can’t make choices. I resign and switch companies? Or do I have to change jobs? I feel stuck because there is no strong feeling towards a specific direction.

On this you feel “blocked” because you are stuck in your choice of action with respect to your Path of Expansion [n.d.r.: that in the Communication of Evidence, or Communication of the Absolute, is represented by the work].

You do not need to make decisions in “doing” to observe a change in Being, but it is the exact opposite. Stop everything and bring your attention back to the Center of your Center, to your Expansion Path. Work within yourself to observe and recognize Who You Really Are. Work within yourself to go beyond resistances, fears, the ability to escape.

And once you work constantly on this, you will discover that within you the Voice that guides your choices is not only present, but has never been silent. You can’t make decisions because you don’t listen, you don’t listen.

Excerpt of a Channeling from the Source session
of 11.04.2024

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