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Nothing is separate from you

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Sometimes I feel like I have lots of theory, but I am unable to put it into practice for example, in being able to follow my inner guidance. And I was wondering if last time I spoke to my best friend, I made space for what I felt deep inside or I confused this for another body. My mind could not understand my attitude, however I carried on and after my words, she got angry with me and she does not want to see or hear from me anymore.

By asking this question you assume that your friend is separate from you and that she acts and reacts according to cause and effect, to what you said or did. In reality she shows you what, in your Path of Expansion, is known to you, mapped out, friendly and that in separation reacts to judgement. Therefore the question for you is “How do I continue to perceive external judgment in my Path of Expansion?” and, even before that, “Do I fall into self-judgement in my attitude toward what I perceive to be external to me?”.

When you follow what you feel deep inside, judgement, ‘right or wrong’, ‘good/bad’ no longer exist.  Observe so that you can seize what path is being shown to you.

Inner listening does not include judgement toward to what is external to you. Therefore to emphasize right or wrong, good or bad, keeps you in separation, and in separation the reaction to separation is manifested.

Extract or a Channeling from the Source session
of 17.06.2023

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