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The bomb is inside you

Everything that appears other to you is your own projection.

What the human mind struggles to understand is that all is One. And since all is One, everything that appears other to you – people, things, animals, events, situations – it is always You, since you are the All, you are Oneness.

All is One and you made a choice to have an experience on planet Earth by individuating yourself into a form that you call by your name. But at the same time you are individuated in all the forms that you observe outside of yourself. You are not aware of it since the experience on Earth is a dual experience, therefore an experience of separation, but in Reality there is no separation.

So those people who appear so real to you, in Reality show you your fear of judgement, and therefore you feel judged; they show you that you are rooted in separation, and therefore you experience separation.

So I offer this to you: start looking at your life with different eyes. Do these people who appear so real to you one by one show you what? Become an observer of yourself, since by changing the frequency within you, therefore letting go of fears and conflicts, you will tune into a completely different version of their form. In fact the conflict is not outside, it is inside. So, it’s as if you tried to lock yourself in an armored bunker only to discover that the bomb is inside.

Excerpt from a Channeling from the Source session
of the 2nd of December 2023

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