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What’s the point of reincarnation?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Since Oneness is perfect, why has Oneness decided to individualise?

I have a question for you: do you think that individuals are not perfect?

Yes, they are perfect.

Therefore Oneness has chosen the game of individualisation to experience itself, creating the universe in duality, or even better, the universes, in order to experience itself and to expand .

The human mind makes mistakes when it attempts to explains this, or inaccuracies to be precise, that lead to misleading conclusions, since the human mind tries to explain everything in sequential, linear terms. But in Reality things are not the way they seem, as if we talk about “an individual” is as if we were saying that at a certain moment, at a certain time, Oneness decided to individualise itself, and therefore creating the universe, the galaxies, the planets, living beings … Therefore, since you know that time does not exist, as we try to explain Oneness and time is included in the explanation. Do you understand that it does not make any sense?

Yes, but you used the term “Expansion” that makes me think about something that grows, that extends …

In the human mind the term “expansion” is related to space, but in Reality, Expansion is greatness, magnificence, richness, enrichment. Therefore Oneness, that forms all that Is, has always been and it will always be by playing the game of Life, experiencing its own greatness; and since there is no time and there is no space, that for human beings is a path of enrichment, expansion, a path, in Reality all already exists, all is done and all is manifested in the Here and Now.

For you to understand I will give you an example extremely reductive, but I’d like you to observe by trying to understand the concept. Imagine that you are watching a movie: when you watch the movie there is a before, a progression, an after, an end … but in Reality, the movie is already complete. Is it clear for you?

Yes, yes, it is clear.

Therefore, what you see as fragmented … the past, the future … in Reality all already Is and exists. Is by moving inside this movie that enables you to uncover it and observe: all is One, all already Is.

From a Channeling from the Source session

of 8.12.2023

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