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Who is my soul mate?

Foto di PIRO da Pixabay

Who is my soul mate?

For you to understand the answer to this question is important that you understand that all is One. Therefore, the physical experience, so tangible, is in Realty illusory: you perceive yourself separate from your true Self, from what appears to you as something else in the form of things but also people. So in Reality everyone you meet is your own projection and you intercept in the Infinite Possibilities the version of those people that is consistent with the frequency you are emitting in the Here and Now.

Therefore, in the collective illusion there is the belief that there is another separate from you who completes you; but this is not Real, since You Are Oneness and You are already complete. The person you are looking for in Reality is the one who manifests the balance of the attitude to Life that you choose to have. So it’s not a question of “who is my soul mate” but a question of “how can I align my attitude to Life so as to be accompanied by the individualization that reflects my divine frequency?”.

For you to understand: everything you read, you heard about the soul mate, the twin flame soul, the soul companions, the family of souls, is Real only in part: only when you observe Reality with the eyes of duality, because it presupposes a you and something separate from you. So you can observe through this lens, but knowing what the Reality is: that all is One and that those souls in Reality are manifestations of Oneness that resonate and mirror your own manifestation.

From a Channeling from the Source session
of 06.12.2023

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