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You are the programmer …

and also the game

… but then the fear remains

Fear is a product of the mind: it is not Real. It accompanies your Path to enable you to make choices to go beyond fear itself. So for you the opportunity is not to not be afraid anymore, but to make choices, and therefore actions, despite fear.

You mean fear is a teacher?

Fear is an indication. So if you want to call it “teacher,” that’s fine. But the only teacher You are: You who through what you live in every moment give you directions to take the next step.

To facilitate your new vision, imagine that you are the programmer of a video game. This game is a particular game, since you are also the game. So, in your preparation of the game choose the characters, the settings, the situations, every detail, every nuance, every variation, in countless ways. Then you get into the game, and one of the rules of the game is that you forget you created it. You start playing and every choice you make moves you into the endless possibilities in that situation consistent with your choice. As you enter the game you take on a form of a character with its characteristics, but since the game is you, all the other characters are you too. One of the characteristics common to all characters is fear, which manifests itself in different ways for each. But fear is in fact the absence of contact with the creator of the game, which is always you. So there is nothing external that teaches you, but it is you who have different experiences to return to the Oneness You Are.

Excerpt of a Channeling from the Source session
of 24.04.2024

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